At Picture Lock Entertainment, 
we bring together visionary and inspired individuals 
who think, write, and make films.




The picture lock phase is that exciting moment when a production comes together.

For us, this is first and foremost synonymous with a smooth and cohesive creative process.

At Picture Lock Entertainment, we transform the bold concepts

of highly talented storytellers into acclaimed documentaries, feature films,

series, music videos, behind-the-scenes, and branded content.

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David is an experienced and award-winning filmmaker. For more than 15 years, he has created works that skillfully combine bold storytelling and aesthetics with modern production standards. His filmography includes more than 65 productions

and over 500 episodes, which have garnered 21 awards and nominations. The outstanding quality of his work was recognized with two Gemini Award nominations by the Academy of Canadian Cinema and Television for his documentary The Hole in my Head 

and for the CBC documentary series, 19-2 Cases. His musical, 

Ladies and Gentlemen, was invited in official competition at 15 prestigious international film festivals and went on to have a successful run in movie theaters. The film, starring

26 seven-year-olds, had its world premiere as the opening film

at The World Film Festival and brought home the Audience Award for Best Canadian Short Film. David holds a BFA in Film Production 

With Distinction from Concordia University.

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Chris has lived and worked in Hollywood since 2006, producing content for National Geographic, Discovery Channel, Bravo,
and many others. Primarily focusing on documentary and docu-series programming, Chris has worked in nearly every facet of production, making him a valuable asset to Picture Lock Entertainment.




Abdullah “Abby” Hall (they, them, theirs) is thrilled to join Picture Lock Entertainment after a twenty-year career at Paramount Pictures in Business and Legal Affairs, where they specialized in domestic and foreign contract negotiations for feature film, television, digital, and streaming services. A multi-talented performer and activist, Abby is the Artistic Director of the Trans Chorus of Los Angeles (TCLA), the nation’s premiere chorus consisting of Trans-Identified, Gender Non-Conforming/Non-Binary & Intersex individuals. They are also the CEO of The Hollywood Disruptor, a premiere consulting firm specializing in artistic consultations for actors, singers, dancers, musicians, and directors, with a focus on film and television production, digital and streaming services, contract negotiations, professional career development and guidance.




Olivier is a talented filmmaker and cinematographer with a strong eye for movement and unusual beauty. After graduating with a BFA in Film Production, he spent ten years working in television and advertising. In 2016, he moved to New York and has since collaborated with brands such as Fendi, Macy’s, GAP, and prestigious publications such as Vogue. He has never stopped pursuing his passion for cinema and has shot three feature lengths films.
Olivier is now based in Los Angeles and focuses on
socially engaged storytelling.




Martin is an experienced screenwriter, journalist, and editor-in-chief who has contributed to and developed a wide range of award-winning projects in the last 15 years. He has written scripted youth programs and documentaries for mainstream audiences,
as well as a weekly column for La Presse, the largest French language newspaper in North America. He has also developed branded content as editor-in-chief for the international advertising agency,
Sid Lee. Martin has a passion for inspirational creativity and is driven by a keen curiosity for authentic and finely-crafted stories.




Marie-Julie has a decade of experience as an editor of documentary films, television productions, unscripted, and entertainment programs. She has worked as chief editor on numerous productions that have garnered international commercial and critical success, such as the two feature documentaries on megastar Celine Dion, Celine: Through The Eyes of the World and Celine: Live in Las Vegas. The outstanding quality of Marie-Julie's work was recognized by the Academy of Canadian Cinema and Television with a Gemini award nomination for a feature documentary she created and edited, The Hole in my Head, in the category Best Documentary Program or Series. Marie-Julie has travelled the world extensively, which makes her a passionate, dedicated, and

gifted editor with a keen eye for strong storytelling.

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Karl holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from Laval University in Canada. He is an experienced graphic designer with an extraordinary career to his credit. For over 30 years he has created, designed, and produced graphic design work that abounds with creativity, precision, and effectiveness. He has worked for some of the most renowned brand names and his designs have been seen, used, and displayed all over the world. His career is marked by award-winning creations, some of which have received national and international recognition. As a self-made entrepreneur and freelancer for most of his life, he has worked for a diverse array of corporate, institutional, and non-profit clients, in every imaginable field, including the movie industry. Now based in California at a sister production studio, he also runs an online store
offering his own product designs.




Mikel is a composer, performer and producer of music for mixed media. His recent credits as a composer include romantic comedies for the Hallmark Channel Too Late, Just My Type, From Friend to Fiancée and Love in the SunUp There, a dark comedy about

the fallout after a shooting in northern Michigan; Gentefied,

a Latin comedy about gentrification in Boyle Heights, 

Dr. Baseball: Ron TaylorBehind the Dress, the story of the first transgendered contestant in the Miss Universe pageant; and Tiradero al Cielo Abierto, a theatrical performance illuminating struggles of the Latino-American sex trade. Mikel got his start making music for documentary films while he was a Human Rights Observer during the 2006 uprising in Oaxaca, Mexico.

His background in social justice combines with his musical sensibility in a unique approach to music making and storytelling. Mikel also works on Danny Elfman’s music department (Alice in Wonderland, Justice League, Nightmare Before Christmas, The Simpsons, Avengers 2, The Voyage of Dr. Doolittle). He holds a Bachelor of Music from Berklee College of Music in Film Scoring,

where he won Best Score in the Berklee Academy Awards.




Jeff is a senior video editor and technical post-production supervisor who has extensive experience working on a broad range of international productions in the entertainment, documentary,
reality TV, advertising, web-series, and news media fields for more than a decade. He specializes in colorization, image editing,
and the delivery of the multiple formats required by
the entertainment industry today.

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With a background in fashion design, Jocelyn is a graphic & motion designer with a strong sense for rhythm and colors.
Jocelyn graduated from Le Centre Design of the University of Québec and has worked as a freelancer ever since. Naturally drawn to non-profits and startups, he also has collaborated with brands such as Sephora, Make Up Forever & Dress to Kill magazine. Always striving to diverse his portfolio, Jocelyn has directed many short movies and music videos which were featured in numerous festivals around the globe. Very proudly active in the LGBTQ+ community, he also has been featured as a live VJ 
in countless queer events for over a decade.



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Please be advised that Picture Lock Entertainment does not accept and/or review unsolicited material of any kind, including, but without limitation, any ideas, concepts, pitches, suggestions, characters, stories, treatments, outlines, scripts, formats, artwork, photographs, audiovisual works, musical compositions, sound recordings, and/or other similar works (collectively, “Unsolicited Material”).
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